How to use thermal water for skin care

How to use thermal water for skin care

Dermatologists claim about need of obligatory moistening of skin for a long time. However in hot weather not many want to put any cosmetics on face. In that case thermal water can come to the rescue. But it can be used also for other purposes.


  1. Use thermal water as the main means for the sensitive or injured skin care. It will help to clean effectively it, without breaking natural protective balance. Cosmetologists recommend to use also thermal water in care for the skin injured by peelings, grinding and other injuring procedures.
  2. Complete purification of leather after epilation with thermal water. It will help to avoid emergence of irritations and also will serve as the safe moistening means instead of cream or lotion.
  3. To improve functions of cream or mask, add to them before drawing thermal water. Thanks to the fact that it contains many microelements it helps to deal with various problems of skin. It both the first wrinkles, and inflammations, and acne, and various reddenings. And in certain cases thermal water helps to fight even against manifestations of psoriasis on face.
  4. You dissolve with thermal water dry mixes for masks, for example clay.
  5. Moisturize the skin before drawing on the person of mask or srub thermal water. Thus, it will help all useful substances to influence from mask most effectively.
  6. If you have oily skin, then to pick up it the moisturizing cream and even gel sometimes very difficult. Use thermal water as the moistening means. Especially it is good in the flying and in tropical countries when it is especially difficult to control release of skin fat, and almost any cream is felt on skin as mask.
  7. Use thermal water for care for skin of newborns. Recently it is more and more actively used at fight against atopic dermatitis at children.
  8. In pure form spray water on the person before putting the moisturizing cream, it will create the holding barrier which will keep moisture on skin.
  9. Moisturize the skin by means of thermal water in spray during air flights. Once an hour spray it on face skin. It will help to avoid obezvozhzhenost which usually torments during long stay in cabin.
  10. Spray thermal water within 30 seconds on the person to fix make-up.
  11. Use thermal water at stay indoors with dry air. If you spray its not face several times in day, then it will help to reduce the harm done by dry air to your skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team