How to use vegetable oils for washing and clarification of the person

How to use vegetable oils for washing and clarification of the person

For many women will be strange to hear that by means of vegetable oils it is possible to clean face perfectly. Oil helps to eliminate pollution and to remove excess of the emitted fat, tightens face skin, smoothes wrinkles and also completely deletes residues of cosmetics.

Any woman can wash and clean face by means of oil, it is not dependent on skin type. Oil is natural product, components which provide protection of skin are its part, remove inflammation and irritation, help to struggle with acne rash, pimples, give to the face shine and support attractive type of skin.

Negative impact of means for washing

When you wash by means of special cosmetics or soap, from the surface of skin not only pollution, but also fat layer which is necessary for its protection are removed. It helps skin to remain healthy, humidified and protected.

After use of special means for washing the organism has to develop necessary amount of fat again, but already in bigger volume. Therefore very often after washing in several hours skin gets greasy luster again. And again, that to eliminate it, the woman uses cosmetics. So every time repeats, and this process happens more often.

After removal of natural fat layer, cosmetic cream is usually put on face or the mask is used. However not many think that such procedures lead only to deterioration in condition of skin, but not to its improvement. Gradually production of fat becomes more and more intensive, pimples, various rashes and early wrinkles develop.

Oil for washing: pluses

Why washing by means of oil is better, than use of cosmetics?

There is no special secret in it. Oil is capable to dissolve surplus of fat, removes dust and dirt, residues of various cosmetics, at the same time keeping necessary fat layer.

When putting oil, there is additional massage of skin, pores reveal and cleaned. After such procedure of washing, skin takes velvet and fresh form.

How to wash oil

For the procedure will be required:

  • oil;
  • cotton towel;
  • one or two napkins;
  • boiled warm water.

It is better to wash in the evening.

The small portion of oil is put on face, and distributed on skin by easy massage movements. Before the procedure it is not necessary to wash water, skin has to be dry. Massage is done within three minutes, then for couple of minutes it is necessary to leave oil for absorption.

Then the towel is moistened in rather warm water, wrung out and slightly put to the person. It is worth taking it several seconds to allow time to reveal. Then by means of napkin it is necessary to blot skin, to repeat all procedure once again.

The moisturizing and cleansing oils

It is possible to prepare mix from two oils. At dry skin of moisturizing component has to be more, at fat – on the contrary.

Cleansing oils: castoric, hazelnut.

The moisturizing oils: sunflower, avocado, grape seeds, almond, jojoba, olive.

Easy way of washing

The easiest way of washing – sunflower oil. It is enough to take small amount of oil and easy massage movements to apply it to face skin and necks, massing minutes three. Then to remove residues of oil by means of napkin, to allow to be absorbed and if necessary to apply the moisturizing cream.

Small shortcomings

There are also some shortcomings of this way of cleaning about which, of course, it is necessary to foreknow.

  • Skin gets used to similar clarification not at once. There has to pass a little time that she adapted to the new procedure.
  • It is much longer necessary to wash, than at use of habitual cosmetics.
  • When using towels after the procedure they should be erased therefore it is necessary to be ready to additional washings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team