How to use velcro hair curlers

How to use velcro hair curlers

Hair curlers velcros allow not only to create beautiful hairstyle, but also to add additional volume to hair. Their essential advantages before similar laying accessories is that them it is convenient to fix and it is not necessary to use any additional clips or hairpins. But twisting hair in such a way, it is necessary to be accurate not to damage their structure.


  1. Choose hair curlers. They differ only on diameter, but the end result of wave also depends on this parameter. For creation of soft waves large hair curlers, will be suitable for small curlies, respectively, it is necessary to select velcros of the smaller size.
  2. Wash up the head shampoo and put the conditioner, then carefully wash with water. Let's hairstyle dry and for the best fixing put skin or mousse, distributing hairbrush on all length of hair.
  3. Be defined what is necessary to you wave. If you want to receive volume, then twist hair curlers inside, to the roots. Just curls can be made, winding locks on velcros it is perpendicular to the head.
  4. Collect hair by clip on the top. Then correct one lock from bunch and comb it. Locks have to be thin that hair curlers well fastened. Take hair one hand and lift at an angle 45o as much as possible to delay them from roots. Hook on lock tip for velcro and twist it upward. Press hair curlers as it is possible closer to roots of hair that laying has turned out volume.
  5. Dry the twirled locks phenom. Do not remove hair curlers until hair do not cool down. As a last resort cool them stream of cold air. Remove hair curlers accurately, otherwise you can injure hair, especially if they are thin and fragile.
  6. Straighten the turned-out curls hands and record them varnish. If you twisted hair for the subsequent creation of more difficult hairstyle, accurately comb locks not to break structure of curls, and postpone use of varnish until full completion of laying.
  7. You watch purity of hair curlers. Try to clean velcros from hair after each use. It is desirable to wash hair curlers with soap and it is possible to dry up, store them absolutely in any capacity, for example, in package or just on the shelf, having stuck to each other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team