How to use vitamin A for the person

How to use vitamin A for the person

To keep face skin in beautiful and fresh state, it is necessary to look after carefully it every day. Best of all for leaving to choose the most natural components, one of which is vitamin A.


1. Vitamin A, or Retinolum, possesses antioxidant action. It destroys dangerous molecules of oxygen which are formed as a result of impact on skin of sunshine, the environment and other adverse effects. Retinolum helps to struggle to skin with free radicals. From their influence fabrics lose the elasticity, wrinkles are formed, skin stops being elastic and smooth.

2. Thanks to the properties, vitamin A has become widespread in the cosmetic industry. It is added to anti-aging cosmetics which costs sometimes much. When using similar means the production of collagen amplifies, wrinkles are smoothed, skin takes the shining form.

3. It is the best of all to apply cream with vitamin A for the night, then the effect of it amplifies. And direct contact with Retinolum and sunshine is dangerous. To optimum use cosmetics with vitamin A in cold season when beams of the sun are not so intensive. You should not abuse such creams, quite there will be enough course from 40-60 days for skin updating. Also it is worth remembering that all this anti-aging cosmetics therefore it is possible to use it only after 35 flyings.

4. If there is no opportunity to get expensive means with vitamin A, it is possible to resort to some cunnings. To improve blood supply of integuments and to saturate skin, costs once a week in the evening to put carrot mask on face. It is known that carrots are remarkable source of vitamin A. For mask it is necessary to grate carrot, to squeeze out juice and to mix it with Herculean flakes. Polished carrots, 1 yolk and couple of drops of olive oil are added to this mix. Musk needs to apply to the cleaned face skin, to hold 20 minutes, all this is washed away by warm water.

5. In drugstore it is possible to buy capsules from vitamins A and E or to buy Retinolum in the form of solution. All this is added to the creams, masks, srubs intended for face skin.

6. At preparation of face packs with Retinolum it is worth following some rules. It is impossible to use vitamin A in combination with fruit acids and fermented milk products. Always it is necessary to add vegetable, olive oils or sour cream because vitamin A is fat-soluble to mixes. It is necessary to store all means with vitamin only in the closed jars protected from light. If Retinolum is added directly to creams, then its percent should not exceed 0.3.

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