How to use walnut oil

How to use walnut oil

Still in the ancient time it became known of many useful properties of walnuts which have practically not equal. The Arab doctor Avicenna living in the ancient time often advised to use walnuts for restoration and strengthening of organism. Walnut oil began to be used long ago too, and now it was widely used even more, for example in cosmetology.

Use of nut oil in cosmetology

Because of large amount of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids it is possible to call oil of walnut youth elixir. Nut oil is just irreplaceable means at the withering and dry skin. And the effect will be noticeable pretty fast. Oil is not less effective for the inflamed and tired skin because of the anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. Nut oil shows amazing efficiency and when healing scratches, wounds and other various injuries of skin. Very often it is also used for treatment of psoriasis and eczemas.

Perfectly oil of walnut helps to be formed to suntan. Suntan turns out resistant and beautiful, besides, nut oil perfectly protects from harmful UF of beams. It is possible to use nut oil and for food and strengthening of hair. Oil promotes improvement of blood circulation of head skin and does hair well-groomed, brilliant and silky.

Recipes with use of oil of walnut To saturate and strengthen hair it is necessary to mix 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 egg and 2 tablespoons of walnut. The received mix needs to be applied carefully massage movements to head skin and to wind with warm towel. After half an hour it is necessary to wash up carefully the head usual shampoo. Hair will receive great additional food and will become healthier, strong and pliable in laying.

Perfectly nut oil helps as well at hypostases of joints. Mix on the 3rd tablespoons of cedar, peanut and nut butter and the turned-out mix mass healthy places before its full absorption. Such procedures will quickly alleviate and will calm pains and also will saturate skin with the useful elements which are contained in oils.

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