How to use wax for depilation

How to use wax for depilation

Wax depilation is considered one of the most effective methods of removal of hair. Though this procedure also is quite painful, the result is worth it: after depilation by wax it is possible to forget about undesirable vegetation at least for 2–3 weeks. One more advantage of depilation with use of wax is that it can be carried out in house conditions. And if to do it it is regular, after a while hair will become fine and imperceptible and it will be less of them.

It is required to you

  • - wax;
  • - pallet for putting wax;
  • - talc or special powder;
  • - paper or fabric for depilation;
  • - lotion or milk for body.


1. Wash up and dry wipe towel parts of the body on which you are going to carry out depilation. Skin has to be clean and dry, not processed by any cosmetics.

2. Warm wax. For this purpose it is possible to use water bath. Put wax in small metal capacity and place it on pan bottom with water, so that the container with wax did not float in pan, otherwise wax can pour out. Then put pan on average fire and wait until wax begins to melt. It is possible to warm wax for depilation and by means of the microwave oven. Hold time of wax in this case will make 30–60 seconds.

3. Check temperature of the warmed wax. It needs to be made to avoid burns. By means of the pallet scoop small amount of wax and carefully apply it on hand. If skin maintains temperature, it is possible to begin depilation.

4. Degrease skin, having powdered it with talc or special powder for depilation. Then by means of the pallet apply with thin layer (0.5-1 mm) wax on the site of skin in the direction of growth of hair. You watch that strips of wax were a little already and 3-5 cm well, than strips of paper or fabric for depilation. Put fabric or paper strip on the site of skin processed by wax and smooth it, densely pressing to skin in the direction from the middle to edges. It is necessary to leave one edge of strip for convenient capture not pasted.

5. When wax stiffens, sharp breakthrough remove strip, it is obligatory in the direction against growth of hair. If you did not manage to depilate all for once, repeat the procedure, but no more than three times for the same site. When processing sensitive areas of skin use less wax – it will make the procedure of less painful and will allow to avoid irritation.

6. In the same way process new sites of skin. At removal of strips of fabric or paper pull them in the direction parallel to surface to skin, but not perpendicularly: first, it is less painful, and secondly, so you will be able to remove the maximum quantity of hair for one drawing. To accelerate depilation process, wax can be applied on several sites, not adjoining among themselves at once.

7. Remove residues of wax from skin. For this purpose it is enough to wipe the processed area of skin with any body care product (cosmetic milk or lotion) applied on cotton tampon. It is also possible to use special oil for removal of wax after depilation.

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