How to use Zinerit

How to use Zinerit

set of means for disposal of pimples and acne rash is available in modern arsenal of dermatologists. One of the most effective medicines which have shown positive result is Zinerit. This combined means which part two active components are: zinc and erythromycin. Medicine is produced in powdery look for solution preparation, in set there is also applicator and solvent.


  1. Basis of medicine is erythromycin - it is the antibacterial means making pernicious impact on the majority of the bacteria causing appearance of eels. The combination of erythromycin and zinc is even more effective as zinc does not allow microorganisms to adapt to antibiotic and to neutralize its action.
  2. Zinerit in a complex influences skin covers, having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, it also reduces greasiness of skin and quantity of black dots.
  3. After acquisition of medicine unpack packing, in bottle with powder pour the applied solution, densely close cover and carefully shake up weight, intensively potrushivy capacity not less than a minute. After that uncover with bottle, screw up the applicator with protective cap on bottle. At the same time do not separate applicator elements at all. After that take off protective cap from the applicator and check fixing density, in case of need press it more densely. Now Zinerit can be applied. It is necessary to use medicine 2 times a day, before drawing skin should be cleaned from dirt and dust.
  4. You apply medicine not only to problem or affected areas skin, and and to all surface of face skin and neck if on neck there is also rash. For this purpose incline bottle with medicine, slightly press and by means of the applicator apply with thin layer on the surface of skin, extent of drawing is regulated by pressing force bottle on skin. The approximate single dose is equal to 0.5 ml of solution which does not leave mark on skin. In case of need over the applied medicine it is possible to impose make-up.
  5. The first signs of action become visible in few weeks, apply this medicine not less than 3 months. In rare instances at the patient the irritation and itch and also feeling of burning can be observed.
  6. After use of medicine on face the thin film enveloping all surface of face is felt. Besides, hit of medicine in mouth causes bitterness, and hit in eyes - burning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team