How to wash artificial hair

How to wash artificial hair

Now any girl in only one day can get thick and long hair, thanks to the latest hairdresser's technologies. However even such artificial beauty needs to be maintained daily.


  1. Try to handle the artificial increased hair as it is possible more carefully. Hairbrush choose from natural material, best of all wooden. Teeths have to be not too frequent and without balls. Comb hair not more often than two-three times a day.
  2. Artificial hair cannot receive food from organism. So, they require additional care. Get means in drugstore, and perfectly will be suitable for these purposes such with what you have got used to indulge natural hair. Daily you put the feeding and moistening means. Besides, experts recommend to carry out special saloon leaving every month.
  3. houseconditionsIt is possible to wash artificial hair in only with soft shampoo. The pH level has to be neutral. After washing surely use conditioner. When you put masks and balms, you watch that on the capsule the means did not get. Do not allow long contact of shampoo with the increased hair. Optimum time - no more than two minutes. When washing try to keep structure of hair, not their sputyvayta among themselves then not to damage.
  4. Do not wash the increased hair with dry hair shampoo and also too hot water. You do not go to bed with the crude head. Otherwise for the morning the head of hear cannot be combed. The increased hair, however, as well as natural, begin to comb from the tips. Then gradually move above and above to roots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team