How to wash autosuntan

How to wash autosuntan

Autosuntan – fast and universal remedy for obtaining suntan. To usually cause autosuntan of special is not difficult, and to here wash away it from palms or body in case of unsuccessfully picked up color, emergence of yellowness or unnatural orange shade it turns out not always. How to wash autosuntan?


1. Way most simply to get rid of autosuntan – not to pay attention to it. Over time the undesirable shade will leave. Take shower more often, well grating skin with the soaped bast and wash away large amount of water. Cheap means descend from skin in 3-7 days, expensive autosuntan can remain 2 weeks.

2. If you quickly want to wash autosuntan, steam out skin. Namely lie down 30 minutes in heat bath or visit sauna. Then apply srub or peeling for body on sponge and massage skin. Instead of srub, ground coffee or ground sea salt perfectly will approach. Usually for one procedure it is possible to get rid of autosuntan completely.

3. Apply on cotton wool milk or lotion for removal of make-up and rub skin with autosuntan. This soft, delicate means will gradually make autosuntan less noticeable, it is suitable for problem skin. More effectively means for removal of make-up on spirit basis fights against paint on body.

4. Strong way to wash away qualitative autosuntan – by means of alcohol. Moisten cotton pad with pure alcohol, softly rub skin. Be careful: alcohol strongly dries skin. At once it is recommended to apply cream on body.

5. Dilute fresh juice of one lemon with water in proportion 1:1. Impregnate cotton tampon and wipe sites of skin with autosuntan. 15 minutes later take shower. Grease skin with nutritious cream. Suntan has to brighten and become considerably more equal and natural.

6. Vinegar works by the principle of lemon juice. Completely to get rid of autosuntan, make several procedures of wiping during the day.

7. Impregnate with 3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen cotton pad and wipe with it skin. Bigger effect, than at application of vinegar or lemon. Do not forget to apply nutritious lotion on body after the procedure.

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