How to wash away autosuntan from skin

How to wash away autosuntan from skin

The tinting means and autosuntan are some of the fastest and widespread ways of obtaining beautiful suntan at all seasons of the year. However these ways are accompanied by set of unforeseen circumstances.

The tinting means are applied during the certain period of time. In the majority lay down on skin gradually and evenly. With them usually there are no problems. Unlike the tinting means, autosuntan allows to achieve result instantly. But often happens that on skin he lays down unevenly (spots or strips), color of autosuntan can turn out at all not what was planned. All this can be caused both by the wrong drawing means on skin, and bad quality of autosuntan.

The easiest way to get rid of autosuntan is to lie down about 20 minutes in heat bath with foam, and then to rub skin rigid bast with belongings for body. If you have near at hand no srub or peeling, it is possible to use usual ground coffee or any other fine-grained mix. Do not forget to smear after the procedure body with nutritious cream.

If your skin, sensitive, inclined to allergic reactions, then to you is the best of all to apply milk or cream for removal of make-up. It is also possible to use mask from clay. In this case autosuntan will not descend completely, but considerably will brighten. If the structure of milk or cream includes alcohol, then the effect will be more. Use more effective methods only if previous you were helped. So, it is possible to wipe skin with spirit tinctures, but be not overzealous as it dries up. It is also possible to use lemon juice. Part it with water 1:1, apply on cotton pad and wipe with this solution skin. Juice of lemon can replace also usual vinegar. Also well lactic acid bleaches skin. Take heat bath, previously having poured out pack or more milk in water. It is possible to put mask from sour cream or kefir on face. Well solution of peroxide of hydrogen which can be bought in any drugstore helps with fight against autosuntan and 3%. All these means are very effective, only after their application it is necessary to moisturize intensively the skin cream or lotion. In case these procedures have not helped you, it is the best of all to address experts. Will easily cope with this problem in salons where cause autosuntan, or you can address to any hairdressing salon. There have to be special means which erase any paint from skin.

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