How to wash away castor oil

How to wash away castor oil

(or ricinic) oil perfectly strengthens hair therefore it since ancient times is popular among women. However it has also negative side - it is very badly washed away. What make-shifts will help to wash away castor oil from hair?


  1. Ricinic oil can be applied on eyelashes, eyebrows, hair. If from eyelashes and eyebrows it can be not washed away, then presence of castor oil on hair is undesirable, especially if this day the issue is necessary. First, take for the rule not to do mask on oily base before responsible action as if you do not manage to wash away it, hair will look oily and dirty. It is better to apply castor oil only on roots, then it with ease will be washed away by usual shampoo. If after you have washed the head your hair remained oily, dry them a little, soap, and again rinse with water. So it is necessary to repeat 3-4 times. Do not forget that water has to be hotter, fat in it is dissolved much better.
  2. If you applied oil on all length of hair, it will be more difficult to wash away it. It is possible to remove castor oil from hair by means of simple means for washing of ware. But you remember that liquid for washing of ware contains set of chemical elements which can it is unpredictable to affect your hair. Such consequences as dandruff, dryness, fat content of hair are possible.
  3. Castor oil can be washed away by means of usual laundry soap. Carefully soap hair on all length. Then wash away foam, well rinse hair with warm water, at the end of the procedure surely use the softening balm. Laundry soap dries head skin and hair a little therefore balm use in this case is obligatory.
  4. Easily to wash away ricinic oil, prepare a little vodka or juice of lemon in advance. Add any given product to oil, the excellent mask for hair will turn out. These additional ingredients not only will help to get rid with ease of fat content, they will have beneficial influence on your hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team