How to wash away dark color from hair

How to wash away dark color from hair

Each woman had in life unsuccessful experiments to own appearance. What useful would not be councils of girlfriends and mothers, we like to study only on the mistakes. One of popular problems when changing image - unsuccessful coloring. So, color of your hair has turned out too dark. What to do?


  1. First, to dismiss panic and ideas of decolorization. Tears will not help grief, and decolorization will turn your hair dry straw of unclear color. Collect the thoughts and decide what of described below ways of removal of color from hair suits you more. Having chosen, begin to act.
  2. The most effective way to wash away dark hair color is to use special washing of chemical paint which does not contain peroxide of hydrogen and ammonia. The remover affects hair as follows: getting in hair, washes away from it artificial color pigments, without touching at the same time natural pigment. The remover strongly does not spoil hair, but as after washing away of paint in hair there are emptiness, they can seem thinner and weaker. Usually after the procedure of washing off of color do repeated coloring in right color. It is necessary to tell that at home it is rather difficult to make the procedure of remover as it can be applied on hair up to 5 times completely to wash away dark color. At the same time washing off of structure from hair also differs from usual washing - locks of hair need to be extended on length to wash up as much as possible paint.
  3. The second way - hot oil masks. If to do masks several times a week, then color really will soon brighten on several tones. Oil masks are capable to return hair to the natural color, they extend artificial dye from structure of hair. For such masks it is possible to choose burdock, linseed, almond, olive oil. brilliant.
  4. The third way how to wash away dark color from hair also is ""house"". Several times a week you apply on mask hair from kefir or mayonnaise. Such masks also well influence hair and gradually clarify colored dark hair color. Effect of mask not instant, but quite obvious in week of regular application. To apply mask on hair for one hour, warming towel. After you wash out hair, it is possible to rinse them water with lemon juice which clarifies hair also a little and adds them gloss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team