How to wash away eyebrow color

How to wash away eyebrow color

Agree that in pursuit of beauty it is possible and to overdo once. Perhaps, you have painted eyebrows in beauty shop or at home not with that result which was expected. For example, too radical color is not pleasant or accidentally paint has got also on skin. There is anything. Do not worry, everything is reparable. Using our councils, for some time you will take habitual form again.

It is required to you

  • Lemon, hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, cotton wool, tweezers, fat cream, sunflower oil, alcohol.


  1. Paint well descends if to use oil – sunflower, olive or castoric. Apply a little bit on cotton tampon and slightly rub in hairs of eyebrows and skin. During the day from time to time erase oil the tampon moistened with alcohol or lotion on spirit basis. After that every time renew butter layer on eyebrows. Besides that such way well washes away paint, it also is useful for hair. The same effect will be when using any fat cream. However do not apply these means for the night: there will be hypostases. One more quite budgetary option is to wash several times a day eyebrows with soap.
  2. Take the cotton tampons soaked with lemon juice or not really concentrated solution of citric acid on the painted sites of eyebrows. At the same time can burn down skin a little bit, but there will definitely be no undesirable trace of paint left.
  3. Apply usual solution of peroxide of hydrogen on Q-tip and slightly wipe the most brightly painted sites. It is also possible to rub eyebrows cotton pad with means "Curl" for chemical hair-dyeing.
  4. Slightly thin out eyebrows tweezers: the effect will be such as though they have slightly brightened. However, for use of this means the experience and firm hand are necessary.
  5. Any manufacturing firm of paint releases as well means for removal it from eyebrows. It is effective, however will be more expensive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team