How to wash away fukortsin

How to wash away fukortsin

Fukortsin's solution possessing antiseptic and antifungal action is appointed usually at skin grazes, superficial wounds, cracks, erosion, pustulous and fungal diseases. The fuchsin which is part of this solution can paint skin for long time, but there are several means by means of which it is possible to wash away substance from its surface.

It is required to you

  • - children's soap (or fat cream);
  • - vitamin C.


  1. As well as when using solution diamond green, you just need to wait until substance descends in the course of activity. But in parallel you can try to wipe Fukortsin fat children's cream or children's lotion (all this can be got in drugstore). Just take cotton pad, apply a little cream and wipe with it the soiled site of skin. The main thing, be not overzealous as too aggressive friction can cause irritation.
  2. Besides cream you can use both peroxide of hydrogen, and usual soap solution. Instead of soap habitual to you apply economic better, in this case it will be more effective. Occasionally you can wash away spots from Fukortsin calendula tincture (but keep in mind that it has rather pungent and unpleasant smell).
  3. It is good to remove Fukortsin's traces vitamin C is capable. It is possible to get it in the form of ready powder in any drugstore. It is necessary to use 1 bag (2.5 g) for time: just dissolve it in warm water and wash away the received Fukortsin solution.
  4. As it has been already told, does medicine such bright and indelible substance under the name fuchsin. Thanks to his firmness Fukortsin's solution is often used in medicine (mainly in surgery) for skin marking. To get rid of the crimson spots which have remained after use of solution it is sometimes difficult even by means of alcohol. If usual does not help, try to apply salicylic.

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