How to wash away red color

How to wash away red color

Unfortunately, happens so that dreams of color of our hair do not match the valid result. It has become clear that red color to you not all right! What should I do? Not to leave the house until hair grow? To shave bare? There is more acceptable way …


  1. Let's say that you were painted with henna. This paint is harmless, but it cannot almost be washed away. Any chemical paint over henna can give green shade. In this case it is necessary to make oil mask. Oil extends henna from hair. Apply the warmed-up olive oil on hair, put on the warming cap, in 2 hours wash away. Or so: moisten hair with alcohol or take in hot water ""to loosen"" a little hair. Then make oil mask as it is told above. Also laundry soap will open hair scales. After washing of the head the oil mask is necessary too.
  2. It is possible to try mask from kefir and yeast. For this purpose mix 40 grams of yeast in glass of kefir, apply the turned-out gruel on hair for 2 hours. Sour sour cream will fit too.
  3. In basin with water dissolve 3 tablespoons of vinegar. Within 10 minutes take hair in solution, then very well rinse. Apply the strengthening balm on hair.
  4. Chemical coloring is removed chemical means. These are so-called removers. They are issued several firms, buy that that suits you at the price and type of hair. They are to effect of decolorization or acid, without pergidrolya. It is simple to make remover though for elimination of red color it is necessary to work, it is difficult washed away: 1. After mixing of structures the remover needs to be applied on hair very quickly as after half an hour it loses the efficiency. 2. Coat lock behind lock, watching that each hair has been captured and absorbed remover as much as possible. 3. You do not hold structure more than half an hour – you will not achieve bigger efficiency because, besides, the remover loses the property.4. Better after the procedure to wash hair skrabiruyushchy shampoo in hot water – the more hotly, the better. 5. Perhaps, the procedure of remover will need to be repeated several times until you achieve desirable result. As hair have undergone considerable chemical influence, treat them after the procedure. If there is opportunity, any time do not tint them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team