How to wash away red hair-dye

How to wash away red hair-dye

Very often women change the appearance, and especially often hair color. Many hold the opinion that it is possible to change the hair color without special work. People who are considered as experimenters regularly have same history, namely - painting of hair leads to negative consequences, section and fragility, loss of gloss and elasticity. And often happens so that women when coloring receive red result and do not know then how to wash away reddishness from hair.

It is required to you

  • honey, cellophane film.


  1. Take ordinary natural honey. It is one of effective folk remedies for removal of the unsuccessful or bothered is more red paints. The amount of honey depends on length of your hair. Gather so much honey in plateau that was enough to apply on area of all head. If honey too dense, warm up it – it will become more liquid and viscous.
  2. Wrap up shoulders with old towel or diaper. Sticky honey can soil your clothes. Then apply honey mask on hair. Carefully rub this mix, since roots and finishing with tips of hair.
  3. After drawing honey, wrap hair cellophane package, and from above wrap up towel or some other heater. It is better to do mask on all night long or for all day. Approximately in 12 hours wash away mask warm flowing water, dry up hair and estimate result. For one session you have to brighten approximately on one-two tones.
  4. If it is necessary for you quickly, for one session to wash red color, then in this case all the same it is necessary to resort to chemical remover, and then to dye hair in new shade. But it very harmful affects health of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team