How to wash away suntan

How to wash away suntan

Suntanned skin is fashionable now. But girls with body of color of chocolate are pleasant to not everyone. Besides, for hours lying on the sun, there is always danger to gain "rural" suntan, that is too dark. Therefore it is important to know also how to wash away unsuccessful suntan.


1. For disposal of unsuccessful suntan there are many folk remedies. The most effective is potato juice. Apply juice of crude potatoes to skin. After 15-20 minutes it will need to be washed away flowing water. Considerably to enhance effect, it is possible to add lemon juice to potato juice. In several days of constant bleaching you will notice considerable results.

2. There is one more, not less effective way. For this purpose it is necessary to buy turmeric extract, cucumber and lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients. The mix received by you needs to be applied to strongly sunbathed skin. Take such compress of 15-20 minutes. Then wash away it water. This procedure is recommended to be repeated repeatedly.

3. If you want skin after disposal of suntan to have gained the lost elasticity and tenderness, then prepare the following. With pair milk place 3-4 crude almonds in glass. Take it in the dark cool place within 12 hours. Then miss the formed mix via the meat grinder. Apply the received cream to skin. It can be washed away water in 10-15 minutes.

4. Besides, it is possible to get the bleaching body scrubs and for to get rid of suntan, peeling devitalized parts of skin. With its help the suntan will be washed away much quicker. Use srubs regularly. It is recommended to put them 2-3 times a week. Also try to buy more rigid bast.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team