How to wash away suntan - national methods

How to wash away suntan - national methods

The beautiful bronze tan which is evenly covering all parts of the body continues to remain fashionable trend and attribute of successful summer holiday. But you should not think that all girls love swarty skin, some prefer it gentle pallor. Sometimes it is just impossible to hide from sunshine and to keep virgin whiteness of skin. Then means for suntan removal come to the rescue.


1. To grate crude potatoes. To apply the received gruel on sites of skin which you wish to clarify. The mask in 30 minutes is washed away. It has also good calming effect for skin after acceptance of solar bathtubs.

2. To mix couple of spoons of honey and several drops of lemon in homogeneous mass, and then to apply it to skin. To wait 15 minutes, and then cold water to wash away sweet weight from body. Such procedures are repeated twice a day.

3. To make skin not only is lighter, but also the mask from mix of porridge and buttermilk will help to give natural shine to it. It is simple to mix two ingredients in identical proportion, to apply the received mask on body and to leave for 20 minutes.

4. Mix of pink water, juice of cucumber and several drops of lemon or lime will become demulcent with effect of disposal of suntan. The mask is put for 30 minutes, and then is removed water.

5. This means was known still to Indians who wished to clarify the skin a little too. For this purpose add pinch of turmeric and couple of drops of lemon to milk. The turned-out mix is applied to skin, and washed away only after its full drying.

6. Of sugar and juice of lemon it is possible to make remarkable house srub which not only will clarify skin, but also will present to it more shining.

7. The glass of natural yogurt mixes up with juice of cucumber and lemon, as thickener it is possible to use starch or flour. Sticks to about an hour on suntanned skin, and then washes off.

8. As it is possible to use clarifier and juice of aloe, but it is worth remembering that it does skin more sensitive, and can become the reason of irritations and reddenings at long stay in the sun.

9. For removal of autosuntan there are various means, beginning from napkins and finishing with special gloves with effect of peeling. In the natural way it is possible to get rid of it, having taken a steam bath in bath and having processed body rough bast or srub.

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