How to wash away tonic

How to wash away tonic

Fast coloring of hair in house conditions toniky, or as it is called in the people, tonic is popular with many girls and women. Many use tonic because of its acceptable cost and bright colors of hair on packing. However in practice on hair that color which it would be desirable to reach not always turns out. Especially if hair have been already earlier painted or melirovana. In case it is not possible to go with the turned-out hair color in any way (for example, it bright pink, either violet, or red) it is possible to try to wash away tonic, without addressing to salon.


1. Look in the shops delivering goods for beauty shops and professional hairdressers, special smyvochny means. It will run into money, but the result will be instant. Producers also produce tonics to anti-tonic, however off-the-shelf it is rarity.

2. Burdock oil will help to wash away from hair paint. It needs to be applied on hair, to wrap up the head with plastic bag, from above to put on warm woolen hat and to hold mask within half an hour. The procedure for the fastest result can be repeated several times a day.

3. Alkaline soap, for example, economic will help to wash up pigment from hair. Or usual to shamnut not for dyed hair. These means it is necessary to wash out the head several times in a row, hair will not begin to brighten yet.

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