How to wash away tonic from hair

How to wash away tonic from hair

Perhaps, you have dyed hair by means of tonic. And through some time have changed the mind and have decided to change the image again. And tonic everything is not washed away? And there can be just color in which have dyed hair, has not met your expectations? Never mind. There are several ways to quickly wash away tonic. The offered ways will suit not all. Everything depends on type and structure of hair.


  1. Masks from oils. It is known that some oils wash away color of paint. For example, burdock. It is necessary to do such mask often, several times a week. For the best effect there is special recipe: it is necessary to mix burdock oil with lemon juice. After - to apply the received consistence on hair. Further: to wrap the head towel and to take, about, 1 hour However, time parameter – is individual. The main thing is not to overdo over time as it is possible to overdry hair.
  2. Still the mask can be made of kefir. Has the washing-away properties. Some try to wash away paint alcohol, but after all it is not the best way. Because after such procedures hair precisely it is necessary to treat.
  3. Except national recipes, there are also professional tools for washing of paint from hair. They are various brands, wide choice. It for those who are capable to carry out such procedure at home. Who cannot – go to salon for the help.
  4. It is possible to use easy way at all. It will help not all, but to someone is certain. Tonic makes not such strong impact on hair as hair-dye therefore during the day it is necessary to wash the head several times. Even paint begins to be washed away after the constant water procedures. After each washing it is possible to do medical mask on hair. Be at one both to treat hair, and to wash away hated tonic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team