How to wash away toning

How to wash away toning

after coloring and toning of hair you are dissatisfied with result – color looks not as you wanted, or absolutely to you does not go. Therefore many often ask question whether it is possible to wash away not pleasant shade to restore the natural color.


  1. It is the best of all not to organize experiments with hair. Go to hairdressing salon and ask that to you have made the procedure of dekolorirovaniye. But the master will make it only if the condition of your hair allows to carry out such manipulation. If he decides that it is better for you to refrain from recovery of color, listen to the professional and refuse the invention. Otherwise you risk to lose hair, and you will be helped by only radical hairstyle.
  2. If you after all want to wash away toning, then can buy special means for washing off. It is on sale in specialized shops for professional hairdressers. Accurately following instructions, make all necessary.
  3. If for any reason you cannot use professional tool, try other ways. Sometimes it is rather simple to wash up the head several times. If toning was made unstable coloring means on the basis of water, then it will be washed away easily.
  4. If you do not intend to wait long, then try to soap hair laundry soap and to take. After a while wash properly with water, and then shampoo. Repeat so several times in a row. After the first time color of tinted hair will grow dull, and through three-four times will almost be restored.
  5. It is possible to try to apply mask with burdock oil on hair. Apply it on hair and wrap up them in towel. The mask has to be warmed. In one or two hours wash away mask. At first properly wash out large amount of water, then use shampoo. Repeat this procedure daily, being going to wash the head. Burdock oil also has medical effect, it will strengthen your hair, will make them soft and obedient.
  6. It is necessary to tell that to wash away some shades very hard. The most resistant pigment is red. To get rid of it, it is necessary to apply many forces. It is also difficult to wash away black shades of paints. Therefore before cardinally being painted, think seriously – and whether you are ready that color will not be pleasant to you? It is sometimes better to refrain from coloring or to use the color as close as possible to your natural shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team