How to wash away toning from hair

How to wash away toning from hair

Toning of hair is coloring by unstable paints or easy coloring means. Such way of coloring is attractive to many women as it allows to try various options and to decide on suitable color. Toning is quickly washed away, but in certain cases it is necessary to get rid of it at once.

It is required to you

  • shampoo;
  • laundry soap;
  • sea salt;
  • means for toning removal;
  • burdock oil.


  1. As a rule, usual coloring means are washed away by shampoo. Well and carefully wash the head, having applied it several times on hair. But some tonings more resistant. Try to use laundry soap – soap it hair and leave for some time. Wash away soap and wash up the head shampoo. Such procedure can be repeated several times in a row. After the first time the hair color will become more dim and gradually will absolutely be washed away. Also well sea water washes away toning. Buy sea salt and dissolve in water, wash up it the head.
  2. If soap and shampoo do not help, buy special means for remover which are on sale in cosmetology or special hairdresser's shops. Follow the instruction on packing to wash away toning.
  3. Make mask for hair of burdock oil, put and wrap up towel. It is possible to buy special masks on the basis of this oil, and it is possible just to apply the usual warmed-up oil on hair. Leave for couple of hours then wash away large amount of water. Wash the head with shampoo. If one such procedure has not helped, repeat it every day before washing of the head. Burdock oil will not do harm – it has medical effect, strengthens hair and does them obedient. Instead of this oil it is possible to use linen – it treats hair too and gives them softness.
  4. If the listed receptions do not help, go to hairdressing salon. There to you can make dekolorirovaniye. But consider that some paints and tonings – for example, black or red color – it is difficult to wash away, and sometimes the condition of hair does not allow to carry out such procedure. The master surely will tell about it and will recommend to refrain at need from recovery of your initial color. In that case obey the professional, otherwise you can lose or spoil hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team