How to wash away wax for epilation

How to wash away wax for epilation

Epilation wax – one of the fastest and convenient ways of removal of undesirable hair in the face and body. It is popular among great number of women and does not demand almost any extras except the wax and paper strips for its fixing and removal. It is very simple to use wax, however at the initial stages some women face problem of removal of excess wax from skin. How to wash away it?

It is required to you

  • - Wax for epilation;
  • - paper strips;
  • - napkins;
  • - oil;
  • - soft detergent.


1. If you use wax for epilation for the first time or have bought products of other producer, surely read the instruction for application. Even if it seems to you that you precisely know how exactly it is necessary to apply wax and to depilate with its help, for each type of products there can be own variations of this procedure. So some wax for epilation contain substances which are very difficult for removing from skin by means of usual detergent therefore special cream or spirit lotion can be necessary for cleaning of body of residues of such wax.

2. If you near at hand have no instruction or in it nothing is told about way of removal of residues of wax from skin, use the checked method. Carefully wash out skin with special detergent and sponge. It is the best of all to use for this purpose rigid loofah or bast with firm surface. Well pound skin towel dry, and then plentifully grease with the nutritious calming cream. If after that on body also there are any traces of wax by means of cream them it will be possible to remove very easily.

3. Complete with wax strips usually there are special looking after napkins with oil extract. They help to remove residues of wax from skin and make on it the calming impact. But even if such napkins at you near at hand have not appeared, wax for epilation can be removed easily by means of usual fat cream or baby oil. Perfectly Johnson's Baby oil or any other oil with soft fat texture will be suitable for these purposes.

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