How to wash extension hair

How to wash extension hair

The women dreaming to have long and thick hair, but not persons interested to wait when they grow in the natural way, with pleasure have apprehended the appeared service - hair extension. They, of course, well look, and, above all more or less naturally, but there are also minuses which many have faced after building. The increased hair care differs from care for natural a little and has number of inconveniences.


  1. Wash hair under shower. The water jet will smooth hair in the direction of their growth, without allowing to be mixed up strongly increased part. Do not use strongly hot water, places of merging can be damaged and locks will begin to disappear. Avoid also washing in basin, to comb them after that it will be problematic.
  2. Apply only special hair care products. Consult to the master who to you made building. The recommended means can differ and depend on material of which the hair is made. You put mask, balm and the other strengthening means lines of building are lower.
  3. Comb hair after washing by hairbrush in which not only the main cloves, but also bristles between them. Begin to scratch from tips smoothly moving to roots. If hair were mixed up, do not make sharp movements, apply special serum better and continue combing.
  4. The increased hair you can dry phenom or smooth with the iron for hair. The main thing avoid strong overheating of material (hair). Use of varnishes and other means of laying will also not bring damages, but also they have to be created for the increased hair care.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team