How to wash hair-dye

How to wash hair-dye

At house painting of hair it is difficult to avoid hit of paint to improper places – on skin, on clothes, on home decoration, and on other things of your house. It is not always simple to wash and wipe resistant hair-dye therefore if you have soiled skin or clothes paint, as soon as possible take measures for cleaning of the polluted surface. In this article we will tell how to get rid of traces from hair-dye in house conditions.


  1. To prevent hit of paint on clothes, put on thing which you do not grudge – old dressing gown or undershirt before coloring. Close shoulders polyethylene cape or unnecessary towel, use protective gloves. It will help to avoid excessive pollution.
  2. If paint nevertheless has got on clothes, at once remove thing and wash off the soiled place laundry soap or laundry detergent in warm water. If the spot has been noticed not at once, try to remove it, having sprinkled a little on the polluted area hairspray then again wash fabric.
  3. Dilute vinegar in warm water and wipe with it spot on fabric then wet thing in mix of water and ammonia. Also it is possible to get rid of spot, using universal stain remover from shop of household goods, or having processed spot the tampon moistened in kerosene or gasoline. After processing by these structures, fabric needs to be washed.
  4. If paint has got on skin, as soon as possible wash away it. Most often paint at house coloring gets on forehead, neck and ears and also on skin of hands over borders of protective gloves. If not to liquidate paint at once, it can be absorbed in skin and bring her will be difficult.
  5. That paint was washed away easier, before coloring grease with fat cream those areas most of which of all risk to receive pollution. Impregnate with soap cotton tampon and carefully wipe the soiled skin.
  6. This way helps in case the spot is fresher – if it has already eaten in skin and has dried up, moisten cotton tampon in alcohol or cologne and again wipe skin. Also you can process face and hands srub, and then to rub sponge and to wash with warm water with soap. Grease the soiled place on face with means for removal of make-up or vegetable oil.
  7. Also from spots on skin the cotton tampon moistened in soap water and cigarette ashes helps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team