How to wash hair on hairpins

How to wash hair on hairpins

Hair on hairpins demand especially careful leaving. Them, as well as own, it is necessary to wash, comb, protect from various adverse effects regularly. Only in this case they will serve long and will decorate hairstyle.

It is required to you

  • - warm soft water;
  • - baking soda;
  • - soft quality shampoo;
  • - conditioner;
  • - antistatic;
  • - brush of average rigidity;
  • - hairbrush with rare teeths;
  • - soft towel


  1. First of all, define what material was used at production of locks. For this purpose separate several filaments, crumple them in lump and set fire. If in the course of burning there is practically no smell, hair have burned down very quickly – for production artificial material was used. It is rather important point as care for artificial and natural locks has distinctive features.
  2. The hair on hairpins made of artificial materials need to be cleaned and washed approximately every three months. In case of intensive use of product the frequency of cleaning increases.
  3. Pay attention to the water used for washing, it has to be soft. For receiving such water add to it usual baking soda - 2 teaspoons on 1 liter of water or just boil it.
  4. Begin cleaning with hairpins. They are cleaned with plain water and shampoo by means of usual sponge. Do not use alcohol – at hit on hair it can make them dim and fragile.
  5. For washing of locks on two liters of water add 20 ml of shampoo, shake up dense foam. You apply with brush of average rigidity foam on locks of hair on all length, accurately comb them. The locks made of artificial materials cannot be rubbed, wrung out, unscrewed because such address can strongly confuse them.
  6. After putting foam wash hair with clear flowing water from roots to tips of locks. At the end of washing accurately blot hair with towel, process them antistatic, comb.
  7. Lay lock on pure white fabric, let's them dry. After that again well comb them.
  8. Care for locks from natural hair differs in even more careful attitude to them. Such hair much wash more often than artificial, in process of their pollution. Water for washing has to be warm, but not hot.
  9. Use quality soft shampoo and also the balms improving structure of hair. Do not use brushes when washing (accurately shake up foam hands). You apply shampoo not less than two times. Carefully rinse hair the softened water.
  10. You do not dry phenom natural hair on hairpins. Put them on dry clean towel far from heat sources. After they dry, accurately comb locks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team