How to wash hair with yolk

How to wash hair with yolk

The egg yolk long since enjoys wide popularity in the system of hair care. Such shampoo is ideal means for washing of hair and the head. It facilitates laying, feeds, softens hair, saves from dryness and dimness and also gives them volume. It is considered fine method of fight against dandruff and hair loss.


  1. One of the easiest and widespread ways of preparation of egg shampoo is the following recipe. Mix 2 shaken-up yolks and a half glass of warm water. Wash up the head as shampoo, and then plentifully rinse. Hair at the same time become silky and brilliant.
  2. It is possible to wash the head egg yolk and white of one egg. Massage movements rub weight in damp hair and leave for 5 minutes. It is recommended to wash away mix the warm water mixed with herbs of petals of roses, mint and sage. Infusion to be prepared 5 minutes from the recipe: in 300 ml of boiled water herbs on 1 tsp of everyone are ready. The field of rinsing dry up hair in the natural way.
  3. One more recipe of egg shampoo is means with use of rye bread. Cut it small pieces and fill in with glass of boiled water. Close cover and leave for day in the warm place. After that add two egg yolks to mix. The received weight needs to be mixed and used instead of shampoo. After washing wash out hair warm, and then rinse with cool water.
  4. Useful hair shampoo is the structure from 2 – 3 yolks and 2 tablespoons of broth of camomile. Shake up mix in dense foam and gradually rub in roots of hair. Gradually, adding gradually water, distribute shampoo on all their length.
  5. Prepare means for washing of hair from one egg yolk mixed with teaspoon of any baby oil. Shake up the received weight and add to it warm water before formation of weight which can wash the head. Give to your hair the chance to dry, and then carefully rinse.
  6. You can use yolk and as a part of masks for hair. For example, shake up one crude chicken yolk before formation of foam and add to it half of teaspoon of olive oil. After gradually, small portions pour in glass of warm water in mix. Carefully mix everything, apply on hair and leave for several minutes.

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