How to wash jacket

How to wash jacket

say you happy owner of snow-white down-padded coat. He is beautiful, goes to you and in him is warm, but after a while after socks you begin to notice that color of your dress has slightly changed, and at all not to the best. Of course, it is possible to give down jacket to dry-cleaner, but much quicker and cheaper to wash her houses most.

It is required to you

  • The washing machine, detergent for delicate fabrics, hanger


  1. As a matter of fact, in the washing there is nothing difficult. Modern washing machines are equipped with the special mode by 40 degrees for synthetic and delicate fabrics. Can even happen that you have machine providing the mode of washing of outerwear - it is even better. It is necessary to use detergent special for delicate washing (wool or delicate fabrics) if jacket color - for delicate color fabrics. Fur parts if it is provided by model, before washing need to be unfastened, to clasp all lightnings.
  2. After the end of washing just the most laborious work - drying begins. The fact is that the jackets containing down when washing have property to fall down as wet feather pillows. Therefore it is very important to dry up correctly your jacket - to make it so that all fuzzes have dried, have finished and have taken original form and properties. After you have got jacket from the washing machine properly shake out each its detail: sleeves, hood (if it is) back and shelves. Try to make so that the down stuffing was evenly distributed on surface.
  3. Hang up jacket on hanger in heat, well aired place. After a while, when it will a little dry up - repeat the procedure. Your task to achieve uniform drying-out of down in jacket, and for this purpose it is necessary to shake it several times. But the result will not keep itself waiting. When everything is ready - you will become the owner of the clean, sparkling and lighter and airy jacket again.

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