How to wash long hair

How to wash long hair

The women having long curls are proud of them. But such hair demand special care, and it is especially important correct to wash them. At the slightest mechanical damages the health of hair worsens, they lose the dazzling gloss and elasticity.

It is required to you

  • - oily hair shampoo;
  • - dry hair shampoo;
  • - dry hair balm;
  • - serum or cream after washing;
  • - hairbrush from natural material;
  • - towel;
  • - the enameled bucket or pan.


  1. First of all, buy two types of shampoo of one trademark: for oily hair and for dry or normal. Conditioner needs to be taken for dry hair as it does not need to be applied on roots. Do not forget to buy also serum which is used after washing.
  2. If you have hard tap water with the high content of chlorine, it is not recommended to wash with it hair. Pour into the enameled bucket water from the crane and put to be boiled for 40-60 minutes, during this time part of hazardous substances will evaporate, and another will drop out in deposit. After boiling let water stand, then accurately pour it in basin. Also wash with this water the head.
  3. Carefully moisten curls, apply oily hair shampoo on roots and massage the head fingertips. Then apply dry hair shampoo on all length and quiet movements shake up foam. Take hair soaped about 2-3 minutes and wash away warm water.
  4. You apply balm only on tips of hair, having receded from head skin about 10-15 cm, otherwise time will be hammered, and production of skin fat will increase. On the expiration of time, usually 4-7 minutes, wash away balm.
  5. Slightly blot hair and use serum. If you have not injured curls, then can not use additional resources on leaving. They are necessary only for brittle and dim hair which is deprived of natural gloss.
  6. Comb curls when they a little dry up. Moist hair stretch and torn, after that begin to split. Begin to comb from tips and smoothly move to roots. Use hairbrushes or brushes with rare teeths, it is desirable from natural material. Do not use plastic or metal massage hairbrush, it very strongly damages structure of hair. Try to avoid drying by the hair dryer and other devices, then your hair will be healthy and strong.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team