How to wash mineral water

How to wash mineral water

Mineral water is the excellent cosmetic moisturizing and nourishing the skin. The correct use of mineral water for the person is elixir of youth, beauty and health.

Advantage of mineral water for skin

Large number of the useful elements calming and softening skin and also eliminating feeling of dryness and tightness is part of mineral water. Besides, mineral water possesses the immunostimulating and strengthening action therefore it in complex with other medical medicines is very effective at treatment of various skin diseases.

When using mineral water for skin care, you remember that before becoming cosmetic, gassy mineral water needs to be stood in open ware within 30-40 minutes.

It is necessary that it came out the carbonic acid capable to cause irritation and dryness of skin.

For washing it is better to use "live" water with contents no more than 200-500 milligrams of salts on 1 liter. It is better not to use the waters which were more saturated with salts for washing. But if skin fat, porous and combined, it is necessary to wash mineral water with the high content of salts. It promotes narrowing of time and reduction of grease gloss. Ground low-mineralized water renders the excellent tonic and softening effect on normal or dry skin. Besides, after removal of make-up, mineral water can be used as the magnificent tonic helping to prevent skin extension. Also contrast washing - alternation by cold and warm water is not less useful. And for refreshing of face skin, wipe it with ice cube from mineral water with small addition of sea salt or lemon juice. Especially it is useful for prevention of appearance of wrinkles.

Washing by mineral water

Pour water in small bottle about spray nozzle and several times a day spray water on skin. Especially it is useful during heating season when air in very dry from what and skin loses moisture. Besides, it is very useful to have a shower bath mineral water after acceptance of bathtub, body skin also needs moistening. In addition you can prepare also lotion on the basis of mineral water. For this purpose bring 200-250 milliliters of mineral water to boiling and fill in with it 2 tablespoons of grass. If you have the fat and combined skin, take nettle, camomile or calendula. If dry and normal - give preference to mint or birch leaves. Let's broth infuse in the closed ware within 20-30 minutes, and then filter.

You store the received means in the fridge, but no more than 5 days.

Daily after washing wipe face skin with house lotion on the basis of mineral water. It will make your skin fresh, smooth and shining.

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