How to wash the head with mustard

Though store regiments also burst with abundance of goods for hair care, old folk remedies continue to be popular both with youth, and with the senior generations. Natural detergents not only clean hair, but also do them healthier. One of such means is usual home-made mustard.

It is required to you

  • - mustard powder
  • - warm water


  1. Mustard is known for the washing qualities and the range of its application is so wide that it is possible to wash with it both body, and ware. If to apply mustard to washing of the head, it not only will make hair clean, but also will treat them. Mustard the hair loss, their fragility and the increased skin oiliness of the head treat.
  2. But before running in bathtub with mustard bag, find out whether you have on it allergy. Never use boiled water or just very hot water for cultivation of mustard. Mustard at contact with water begins to emit essential oils, than temperature is higher, especially caustic these oils become therefore try to take water of pleasant warm temperature.
  3. If mustard fresh, surely add to it something that will be able to soften its influence. For example, kefir, yolk of egg or is a little honey.
  4. Part 2 tablespoons of mustard in 0.5 l of warm water, distribute mix on hair and leave for influence for 10 minutes. This time can be used for holding other hygienic procedures. Wash away mustard from hair. It is better to do it not under flowing water, and in basin, having lowered hair in water, and rinsing them as linen. Under usual shower it is difficult for the pro-head as dandruff.
  5. After washing of the head, apply balm on hair or rinse them vinegar solution. You remember, mustard dissolves fat therefore if you have dry ends of hair, grease them before washing by honey or vegetable oil in order to avoid damage. Be not frightened the easy burning arising when washing, essential oils call inflow of blood for head skin that favorably affects supply of hair with nutrients.
  6. If you want to wash the head with mustard powder, but cannot make up the mind to this step in any way, try to mix for a start with mustard your habitual shampoo. If washing and effect of it are pleasant to you, can pass to only one mustard powder.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team