How to wash the head with tar soap

How to wash the head with tar soap

Tar soap is very useful, thanks to high content of natural birch tar which has antimicrobic, antiseptic and antiparasitic properties. Tar is applied also to treatment of hair. After regular use of tar soap the hair loss is reduced, the quantity of dandruff decreases and skin soreness of the head vanishes.


  1. Tar soap has some nuances at which non-compliance the result can strongly disappoint you. First, be ready to strong and very unpleasant smell. Therefore for preparation of mask or washing of the head you should retire not to torment close people with such smell. Secondly, you should get used to such means. Do not give up after the first time. If tar was not pleasant to you after one use, try once again, perhaps, the following attempt will be more successful, and the result of will not keep waiting.
  2. Do not pay attention to unattractive design of this piece of soap. The main thing is not appearance of product, but its contents and useful properties. But after use of soap from tar you will improve condition of hair, dandruff will disappear, and the head of hear will become thick.
  3. Under no circumstances it is not necessary to wash the head with hot water with tar soap. Otherwise it will leave grease raid on hair. Do not soap hair piece of soap, at first make foam it in palms or dissolve soap in small amount of warm water. Then apply the turned-out foam on hair and slightly massage. You hold soap on the head no more than 5-10 minutes.
  4. For elimination of unpleasant smell you can use balm or the acidified water. Most often the smell is exhaled by moist hair, and after their drying it disappears or becomes hardly noticeable. Take break, do not use soap constantly. Use it courses better from time to time when need appears.
  5. Remember that this means does hair very hard therefore do not forget to do the looking after masks, to use conditioners and to moisten hair with sprays conditioners and indelible creams.
  6. If it is inconvenient to wash hair with tar soap to you or it is not pleasant, try special tar shampoo. However and it suits not everyone too, and its efficiency directly depends on the specific brand of the producer.
  7. In the beginning you like strongly not be pleasant that hair after use of tar soap became unruly and rigid. It is quite possible, however do not hurry with conclusions. The full-fledged effect of application will appear only later 1.5 or even 2 months. Be not upset if hair became heavier to comb hair and sputyvatsya. Suffer a little and wait for final result. However consider that this soap is not suitable for very dry hair.

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