How to weave flower out of hair

How to weave flower out of hair

Gathering for party, graduation party, romantic appointment or under wreath, there is a wish to look irresistible. But, unfortunately, sometimes there is no time to go to beauty shop to do hair. Weave on the head original flower out of hair. It can be made independently, without asking for the help professionals.

It is required to you

  • - long straight hair;
  • - large hair curlers;
  • - elastic band for fastening of hair;
  • - hairpins, invisible beings;
  • - hairspray;
  • - skin for laying;
  • - wax for hair dressing;
  • - jewelry for hairstyle.


  1. Wash up hair with shampoo. Dry up them and grease with easy skin for laying. Wind hair on large hair curlers that during creation of hairstyle they were more obedient. Long it is not necessary to hold them, there is enough 20-30 minutes.
  2. Then tie elastic on the top high horse tail. Divide hair into several locks. Make one of them thin and wind with it tail around elastic band. Fasten the end with the invisible being.
  3. Divide other hair equally that the odd quantity of locks has turned out. For example, five. It will be petals.
  4. The following action – grease each lock slightly with wax for laying and turn petal under the tail basis. Well fix by hairpins or invisible beings.
  5. At temples it is possible to release small curls and to wind them the curling iron. Decorate hairstyle artificial with flowers or decorative hairpins. Then sprinkle hairstyle varnish.
  6. There is option of flower hairstyle for long-haired fashionistas and for every day. Wash up hair with shampoo. Dry up them by means of round hairbrush and the hair dryer. Give volume. If you have curly hair, straighten them by means of the special iron.
  7. Make parting in the middle. Then separate sideways one small lock and slightly grease it with wax for laying.
  8. Weave thin weak braid out of this lock. Further from one region of the spit extend small eyelets. Curtail uncombed braid into flower, fix by hairpins or invisible beings. Sprinkle hair varnish.
  9. If desired such flowers can be weaved also out of several locks, having made peculiar flower bed on the head, everything depends on your imagination. And to give to hairstyle it is more than originality, locks from which flowers trudge, at first can be painted with tonic or special spray other color. For example, to make them red, yellow, blue or multi-colored.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team