How to weld paste for sugaring in house

How to weld paste for sugaring in house

The sugaring is popular procedure which essence – removal of undesirable hair by means of special sugar paste. And, it is possible to prepare this sweet hairremover by the hands in house conditions.

  • - sugar;
  • - water;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - honey.

1. Mix 300 g of sugar from 2 tablespoons of water and 2 tablespoons of fresh juice of lemon then put this means for 2-3 minutes on strong fire. Then mix components, cover the container with mix and, having reduced fire to small, continue to cook this structure. 10 minutes later mix mix (sugar gradually will begin "to thaw"). In 10 minutes mix means again: at this stage the mass will become homogeneous in consistence, and on surface bubbles will begin to appear. You cook mix the next 10 minutes on slow fire, then again mix it. After that take sugar paste of 5 more minutes on small fire (this time do not cover capacity), mix it and accurately move to plastic container. Leave hairremover for 3-4 hours then separate small piece from the stiffened paste and begin it to knead actively hands. To facilitate this process, drip several drops of hot water: weight will become more plastic. Now it is a high time to start the procedure of removal of excess hair.

2. Prepare sweet paste for removal of undesirable hairs according to the following recipe: 1 tablespoons of water, 10 tablespoons of sugar and juice from lemon half. Carefully mix components of this means, then put ware with mix on slow fire. Bring mix to boiling, all this time continuously for with it. Remember that in preparation time of this paste hairremover it is impossible to change temperature at all, that is to reduce or, on the contrary, to add fire. After on surface bubbles begin to appear, and weight will gain beautiful caramel color, continue to cook paste of 8-10 more minutes. Further remove ware from fire and cool mix up to the comfortable temperature. Roll ball from sugar paste and properly knead it: the hairremover is ready to use.

3. Weld sugar paste from the following components: juice from half of lemon, 70 ml of water, glass of sugar and 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix ingredients, put ware with gruel on fire and bring weight to boiling, it is continuous it at the same time stirring slowly. As soon as means begins to boil, reduce fire to small and continue to cook mix 2-3 minutes. Then cool weight up to the comfortable temperature, roll from it ball and begin to depilate superfluous.

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