How to win against appetite

How to win against appetite

inability to control the appetite and, as a result, excessive overeating becomes very frequent the reason of extra kilos. For this reason it is very important to learn to distinguish the real hunger from usual desire to throw something in stomach.


  1. Before thoroughly eating, drink glass of water and wait for minutes 15-20. If your organism persistently demands meal again, means you are really hungry. But very often it turns out that it was the ordinary need for liquid. And in general it is necessary to take for the rule every time in 15 minutes prior to food to drink water, it is especially important to do it in the morning on an empty stomach.
  2. Some products are capable to increase appetite. Therefore not to eat superfluous, it is desirable to refuse strongly salty, peppered dishes, various is more smoked also than some marinades. Try to cook fresh dishes – so you will be able to pacify feeling of hunger by smaller amount of food. Also it is necessary to exclude consumption of coffee or to minimize it. Better instead of it to drink cup of green tea with ginger which promotes reduction of appetite. Besides green tea perfectly helps organism with disposal of slags and hazardous substances.
  3. When you have the strong feeling of hunger, stop and do not snatch on food with the purpose to destroy it all without the rest. Put half of that portion which you would like to eat now on plate. Eat slowly and quietly, carefully chewing food. After a while you will understand that you are already full and that it is absolutely optional to saturation to eat large portions. When you eat, be not distracted by other occupations (reading, watching TV). So you win against appetite much quicker.
  4. Try to eat always smaller portions of food, but it is frequent (about 5 times a day). It is possible to afford easy having a snack also: it can be dried fruits, small amount of nuts, kefir.
  5. It was always considered to be that sports activities provoke hunger. But actually it not absolutely so. On the contrary, after easy jogging or shaping, there is desire something much less often to eat. After a while after the occupation drink a little water.
  6. To win against appetite, it is necessary to distract. If you are at home, think up to yourself useful occupation. For example, bring order to case or touch old magazines and documents. Having been fond of occupation, you will forget about the appetite.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team