How to win against appetite, psychological technicians of fight against extra kilos

How to win against appetite, psychological technicians of fight against extra kilos

In three months it is possible to say goodbye to ten kilograms and later without sufferings to maintain result. The main thing - is less, but to drink more and to move more, and, to do it regularly, but not ""to holiday" "or" "before important meeting"".

It is required to you

  • System approach, optimism


  1. It is not necessary to sacrifice health for the sake of figure. And the good health is harmed by all inconsistent and chaotic. The organism is initially incited against hunger strikes to certain date and ""magic"" diets. The most valuable diet - correctly picked up daily diet.
  2. It is necessary to use more liquid. Physicians-nutritionists consider norm of 30 ml of water on 1 kg of weight - it is apart from the tea and coffee, soup and juice which is contained in vegetables and fruit. If your weight of 70 kg, it means that you need more than 2 liters of water a day. It is necessary to drink glass of plain water before food - and clean organism, and you will eat less.
  3. And here with tea and coffee especially at work for the company be careful. Exclude sugar, cream and other almost imperceptible, but high-calorie additives.
  4. Reduce portions. Eat that you want, but it is less. It is better, than on a visit, being angry with itself and people around to refuse to itself sweet, and then to break and eat half of supplies in the fridge at night.
  5. It is more than greens, fruit, vegetables. In general people are omnivorous. At the same time after all they are closer to anthropoids, but not to goats and not to tigers. Monkeys willingly eat proteinaceous food, but generally eat plants. Try that your food was simple and useful: it is less than processed – more crude, it is less fried – more baked, boiled, pareny. Stewed fish and crude vegetables are better than some fried meat with bread.
  6. It is less than having a snack between the main meals. If getting hungry, drink glass of water, the organism sometimes takes thirst for hunger. If in half an hour the feeling of hunger has only amplified, it is possible to eat something small and useful - fruit, fermented milk product, etc. And the breakfast, lunch and dinner have to be in time.

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