How to win against dandruff

How to win against dandruff

The sharp metabolic disorder, nerve strain, avitaminosis, head skin peresushivaniye, etc. are the reasons of appearance of dandruff. It is necessary to struggle with dandruff, considering the reason of its emergence, in passing eliminating manifestations.

It is required to you

  • - dried nettle;
  • - calendula tincture;
  • - tea tree oil;
  • - dry mustard;
  • - mix of oils (burdock cocoa, castoric);
  • - curdled milk.


  1. Begin with improvement of food of hair – provide receipt in organism of vegetables, dairy and fermented milk products. The condition of hair and head skin is influenced by the use of the products containing vitamins E, C, A, B and minerals (copper, zinc, calcium). If you suffer from fat dandruff, then sharply reduce share of fried, smoked, fat dishes, alcohol, sweet and farinaceous food.
  2. To get rid of scales and to influence head skin, it is necessary to apply medical shampoos, balms, masks, etc. If it is a little dandruff, then it is possible to wash the head with soft structure which does not contain aggressive washing components. In hard cases when scales cover hair and settle on clothes, it is necessary to use more intensive means with antifungal components, the antibacterial and peeling substances, etc.
  3. Register in reception to the trichologist and make tests – it will increase efficiency of local treatment as to select shampoos and ointments you will be not by practical consideration, and on the basis of the medical certificate.
  4. Look after hair and head skin, having provided them most sparing mode for the period of treatment – do not use the hair dryer, when washing the head carry out massage movements by finger-tips (without scratching it nails), dye hair henna and basmy. Use of dyes of natural origin will allow to strengthen hair bulbs and to achieve good medical effect.
  5. Use recipes of traditional medicine. The greatest efficiency rinsings nettle broth, divorced tincture of calendula, use of dry mustard and greasing of head skin tea tree oil possess. Dry dandruff treat mix of oils (burdock, castoric, cocoa butter), masks from the warm fat-free curdled milk. At fat dandruff barmy compresses, mix of egg white and broth of camomile, skin wiping by fresh fruit or vegetable juice are effective.
  6. Undergo physiotherapeutic treatment. Have well proved cryotherapy sessions (cryomassage for the purpose of strengthening of food of hair bulbs) and darsonvalization (impact on head skin as high-frequency current for reduction of inflammation and disinfection).

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