How to win beauty contest

How to win beauty contest

Before submitting the bid, properly think and whether there will be enough at you diligence and everything to overcome patience, not to recede and reach the final. Having considered and having made the decision after all to participate, know that you need to work over yourself.


  1. Certainly, it is quite good if you have thin figure. The plump girl should work to lose excess weight. Well, and thin it is necessary just to be in good shape.
  2. Skin of neck and the person has to be beautiful and clean. Regardless of competitions it is worth doing the cleaning face packs, it is obligatory to wash before going to bed and you should not forget also about decollete zone.
  3. Everything in you has to correspond and be in harmony with each other: clothes, footwear, hair, nails, make-up. We will tell about make-up the words of old national saying: "Cheap small fish – bad soup". So use good cosmetics. Let it will be less, but it will be qualitative.
  4. Have high self-assessment and, respectively, you watch yourself at the highest level.
  5. It is worth working before competition with the model agency. Big advantage before other participants when you are recommended for participation in it by the serious agency. And during the work in competition you receive experience of the correct behavior, communication irreplaceable and practical.
  6. At last, you have undergone selection tours and have taken you for participation in competition. And here the hard work begins. Everything that to you is told by directors, choreographers and stylists carry out honestly and properly remember. About laziness and fatigue forget forever.
  7. In the course of communication literally with all people around you have to show the spiritual beauty. Always be in good mood. You treat all friendly. Do not participate in quarrels and squabbles and the more so do not start them.
  8. At last the competition begins. Stepping on the stage, the main thing is not to become puzzled. Be afraid of nothing and be sure of themselves, you so long on conscience prepared for all this. You – the best! Look at jury – there at least a half of the sitting people is already familiar to you. Lovely, from the heart smile to them. Be not nervous. At least, do not show that you worry and worry. Remember, beautiful and sure gait today, you do big reserve for the career of the superstar for tomorrow! Forward, all in your hands!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team