How to wind curls the iron

How to wind curls the iron

The rectifier for hair or iron - the tool universal. It approaches not only to create smooth, hair hair, cap, but also to add volume at roots, to twist fervent curlies or to create magnificent curls.

It is required to you

  • - rectifier for hair;
  • - thermoprotection for hair;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - clip-on earrings for hair.


  1. Iron with plates in 2-4 centimeters is suitable for wave. If plates are much wider, then it will be almost impossible to receive accurate hard curl. It is ideal if plates are with the rounded edges, so you will avoid ugly zalom.
  2. Turn on the rectifier in network and let's it heat up. The your hair are thicker, the more there has to be temperature. Owners of fine hair can choose the minimum heating.
  3. Pay attention that the rectifier style dry hair. If you have just washed up the head, then you should dry up at first head of hear phenom or to wait so far hair completely will dry.
  4. Apply thermoprotective mousse, wax, spray, gel on hair – you can choose any convenient and habitual consistence and form, the main thing that the product has been designed for protecting curls from high temperature.
  5. Comb hair. It is the best of all to prepare hairbrush crest with the long handle – then it will be convenient to it to divide your head of hear into separate locks. Take hairpins clip-on earrings or small hair claws. Accurately raise hair up and fix. Begin the procedure from nape and gradually you pass to sides and bang.
  6. Separate one lock from nape, once again comb it. Place iron vertically, at distance of 1-2 centimeters from roots. Wrap lock around the lower part of the rectifier. Be careful – you can easily burn fingers! Latch iron and take several seconds.
  7. Having slightly opened iron, begin to lower it down, chut0chut obliquely and continuously rotating so that to unwind curl. Do it slowly to allow curl to be fixed, but also not too you hesitate not to burn hair and not to create ugly zaloma.
  8. Repeat operation with all hair, separating gradually on one lock 2-4 centimeters in width. Move from nape to forehead. If your hair badly hold form, sprinkle on each curl with varnish right after that as you will create it. Wipe a little wax in fingers and carry out by them on hair when all hairstyle is ready, lifting them a little up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team