How to wind hair by means of the iron

How to wind hair by means of the iron

Irons for hair dressing became the widespread and popular tool not only in professional salons today, but also in house conditions. Initially intended for straightening and smoothing of hair, they were magnificent means for creation of original laying. Modern fashionistas widely use irons practically for any manipulations with hair including for their wave.

It is required to you

  • - iron for hair,
  • - hairbrush,
  • - mirror,
  • - styling mousse,
  • - nutritious hair cream.


  1. The wave by means of the iron turns out is not worse at all, than with use of traditional hair curlers or nippers. The iron allows to create beautiful, strong curls both on long, and on short hair. And such wave keeps rather long time that, undoubtedly, is additional benefit.
  2. To receive beautiful wave by means of the iron, it is previously necessary to prepare hair. They should be washed up, softened with the conditioner and to dry up properly. It is very important that hair before laying were completely dry, otherwise beautiful curls will not turn out.
  3. Apply some means for protection against high temperatures on the dried-up hair. If there is no special structure near at hand, it is possible to use any nutritious cream. Before drawing slightly warm cream in palms and at rubbing in pay its special attention to tips which usually suffer most of all from mechanical influences.
  4. In order that laying kept better, before the wave grease hair with skin or mousse for fixing of hairstyle. It is important to watch at the same time that means was absorbed completely and locks were not damp. At the same time warm the iron up to the maximum temperature. For wave it should be heated stronger, than for usual smoothing of hair.
  5. Carefully comb hair and if they at you dense, divide them on levels. For this purpose lift locks in upper part of the head over ears and on nape, then fix them by hairpin on the top. Once again comb the lower hair and distribute on separate locks. It is necessary to remember that the more thinly you will wind lock, the stronger and more beautiful the curl will turn out.
  6. Unlike traditional hair curlers and nippers, at wave the iron it is not necessary to wind on the tool all lock entirely. Take lock in hand and delay it from the head at right angle. Take the raised hair vertically put iron at the roots. Once wrap the free end of lock around the iron, then turn it round its pivot-center approximately by 180 degrees so that on it one more round of hair has turned out. At the same time the remained end of lock has to hang down freely.
  7. The smooth, slow movement softly carry out by the iron until the end of lock and release it. You receive beautiful hard curl. Then you pass to the following lock and repeat action until all lower number of hair is not curled. Then let upper hair down, chopped off on the top, comb them and repeat all algorithm at first. As a result you receive beautiful laying from the long hard curls looking quite naturally. Correct locks fingers to receive the necessary form, but do not comb them brush. If necessary on the top of the head it is possible to make easy pile for giving of volume.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team