How to wind hair curlers

How to wind hair curlers

it is possible to make hair wavy and curly, without using hair curlers and curling tongs? Of course it is possible! By means of hair curlers for hair. Hair curlers are one of the most ancient ways of hairdressing. And also men willingly used them, the magnificent head of hear was considered as sign of ukhozhennost and cleanliness. Now too actively use hair curlers. With their help the hair can be enshrined in any provision easily. We will also be engaged today in it. Let's create curlies, using hair curlers.


  1. Prepare hair curlers. If you do not have them, you can get them in shop or make own hands. Take fabric, also the simple old sheet or towel will approach. Cut from it small strips of 2 on 15 in size. You need also paper, it can be the newspaper. Cut strip from paper of 5 by 10 cm. Now paper fabric strip. On paper we will wind hair, and fabric will serve as ties that our beauty was not dismissed. Hair curlers are ready!
  2. Pin up hair on the top in bunch. To begin to twist hair curlers it is better from the lower number of hair.
  3. Sprinkle lock means for laying or just moisten with a few water. Now begin to wind curl on the center of hair curler to length necessary to you. If you want curls from roots, wind all lock. You remember, the more you take hair, the more magnificently and more curls will turn out, the lock, the more small and curlies is less.
  4. Wind in this way all hair. You remember, the more accurately you wind hair on hair curlers, the also curlies will be more beautiful and tidier.
  5. You go to bed. That curls have well curled, it is necessary to pass with hair curlers about 5 hours. Usually they are left for the night, thanks to the softness they will not prevent you to sleep well.
  6. Accurately remove hair curlers. Sprinkle your hairstyle hairspray that it kept longer. The curly head of hear is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team