How to wind hair curlers hair curlers

How to wind hair curlers hair curlers

Hair curlers – kind of hair curlers, the device for hairdressing which remind bows. They were long since used in hairdresser's art and have been initially made of paper.


  1. Buy hair curlers. Today they, generally are made of the rubberized foam rubber with wire inside or elastic. Their length can be from 20 to 25 cm, and diameter – 8-10 mm. As they are waterproof and resistant to chemical components, it does them irreplaceable for creation of beautiful curls.
  2. Carefully wash up hair before wave and dry up them. At first divide the head into squares of 2×2 cm or 3×3 cm. Arrange locks in the direction of hairstyle. Moisten each lock with means for laying fixing. Take one of them and, since the end, wind on hair curler. It is necessary to twist perpendicular to the tense lock.
  3. Record hair curler special plastic clip. Gradually, moving from lock to lock, twist all curls. If you want to alternate the direction of curl in each row, make it. Close hair reticulum to protect future hairstyle from deformation when drying phenom. The mode has to be weak or average that curls were not rumpled.
  4. After drying accurately remove hair curlers, having removed at first clip, and then having carefully released hair. If it seems to you that hair have turned out too curly, divide curls and comb them so that there was only wave pleasant to eye. However, you can vary intensity and thickness of curls in the course of wave, winding big locks or less. Not to become too curly, take no more than 10-12 hair curlers.
  5. If you need to go urgently somewhere, you can make hair curlers and independently. Cut the newspaper on sheets of A4 format (or take any other thin paper). Put them several times on the long party so that tubules have turned out, bend them in half or pass string or thin strip of fabric through self-made hair curlers (then the sheet of paper has to be such format what is necessary for the size of future curls).
  6. Grasp hair curler tip of lock and wind hair to the root, trying to hold them in the middle. Later record homemade product by means of string or connect the ends of paper tubule among themselves, a little before it having moistened them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team