How to wind hair from roots

How to wind hair from roots

Some laying is almost impracticable without turning. There are several receptions which will help you to do volume and effective hair.

It is required to you

  • - set of hairbrushes;
  • - means for laying;
  • - hair curlers/hair dryers/nippers.


  1. Wash up hair and slightly dry them. Put skin, balm or mousse for laying. Do not forget that all these means have to be picked individually up and not harm your hair.
  2. Decide in what way you will wind hair from roots. It can be done, for example, by means of hair curlers, the hair dryer or nippers. Choose optimal solution. If hair at you soft and long, give preference to hair curlers of desirable diameter. And women with short hairstyles can advise to use the hair dryer or nippers.
  3. If you have decided to style hair by means of hair curlers, then do not forget that it is necessary to begin with nape, from top to down, towards their combing. Take lock of hair, on width equal to hair curlers which you are going to use. Accurately separate it, using hairbrush with thin tip. Do not form too volume locks since you should dry then much longer them.
  4. Comb lock of hair. Record its end finger on the middle of hair curlers and slightly pull. Then it is quiet, without hurrying, hardly and densely wind lock to roots of hair. Holding hair with finger, fix hair curlers. Surely you watch that they settled down on the basis of the created lock.
  5. If you use hair curlers with elastic bands or other similar options of their fixing, check that they were not too hard and did not squeeze lock, especially at roots of hair. Otherwise zaloma and excesses will turn out.
  6. When turning hair phenom use skeletal and round brushes. The first will help you to create radical volume, and the second – curls of necessary diameter. Remember that it is impossible to overdry hair phenom. You keep it at arm's length from hair depending on the chosen temperature condition.
  7. Do not comb the curls wound by the hair dryer hairbrush. It is better to sprinkle thin locks at first small amount of varnish or to use wax for modeling or fixing of hairstyle. Accurately hands give the form to the turned-out curls and fix hairstyle by varnish.
  8. You do not wet hair when turning on nippers. Surely observe time interval. Remember that at such way the hair are exposed to risk, especially, if they have been processed by means for laying and fixing. It is possible to wind locks nippers both vertically, and it is horizontal, receiving different types of curls. The equipment in many respects matches turning on hair curlers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team