How to wind hair in house conditions

How to wind hair in house conditions

The woman - unpredictable being. Today she wants to be with straight hair, and zavra already with curly. It is good that in our modern century it has opportunity to reincarnate from one image in another. To make the hair curly or slightly wavy you can independently in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • Hair curlers, hairbrush, nippers, thermohair curlers, hairspray, skin for laying


  1. The safest and checked way to make hair curly is to use hair curlers. Still ours the grandmother wound on them hair. Now they look more modern. Also they are safe in use, you can safely leave them for the night, they will not cause you discomfort. On moist clean hair wind hair curlers. Then dry phenom or leave for the night. Later dismiss and by means of hairbrush give to hair the necessary situation.
  2. The fastest way is to use curling tongs. It will suit those who have not enough time. At wave nippers hair have to be dry. If you begin to twist moist hair, then you simply will burn them. Divide hair into locks, then wind each lock on nippers. Later sprinkle hairspray to set result.
  3. One more fast way to make your hair wavy is to use thermohair curlers. They also should be wound only on dry hair. Previously apply on hair skin for laying that your hairstyle remained during the day better. Lower hair curlers in hot water for 5-10 minutes, then wind them on hair. Drench hair with stream of cold air. Later remove hair curlers. Comb hair and set result by hairspray. Remember that frequent use temrmobigudy harmful affects health of your hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team