How to wind hair of average length

How to wind hair of average length

Curls are popular today more than ever since they allow to create missing volume. Therefore many women prefer kucheryashka to straight hair. Girls with hair wavy by nature, certainly, were lucky, and here to those who have straight hair, it is necessary to wind them. It is heavy to owners of long hair "to hold" the wound curls, and here if your hair of average length is just ideal option, and it is easier to wind them, and curls will longer keep.

It is required to you

  • First of all, it is necessary to remember that curls visually shorten length of hair. That hair of average length looked the most live, natural and as elastic, optimum to choose convenient hair curlers in use which are almost safe means for hairdressing.


  1. Wash up the head, and then dry a few hair, but so that they were not dry, but damp.
  2. Apply on hair means for laying. The most popular – styling foam. Gain in palm small amount (of the size of egg) and evenly distribute on hair.
  3. Begin to twist hair curlers from occipital part from top to down. Width with hair curlers lift lock of hair up and comb.
  4. On the middle of hair curlers, helping hairbrush or thumb, put the ends of lock.
  5. Hardly wind hair on hair curlers, holding with finger already wound part that hair did not slip. But be not overzealous – head skin should not stretch.
  6. After the lock is completely wound to the basis of hair, record it elastic band or hairpin. In the second case the first hairpin fastens to the basis of the wound lock, and the others to other wound hair curlers.
  7. Further you twist hair curlers on the parties, and only then parietal part. You twist bang in the latest turn.
  8. After hair completely dry, remove hair curlers. For acceleration of process it is possible to dry up the head phenom, previously having waited until hair cool down, but then curls can quickly be untwisted.
  9. Later minutes 15 comb hair, but just it is better to stir up them and to record varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team