How to wind hair on hair curlers boomerangs

How to wind hair on hair curlers boomerangs

Hair curlers boomerangs represent thin flexible sticks from the soft, easily bent material. They have various length and thickness and are applied to creation of curls and giving of volume to average and long hair. It is easy to make beautiful wave by means of such hair curlers, the main thing is to know some subtleties.

It is required to you

  • - hair curlers;
  • - hairspray;
  • - styling gel.


  1. In fight for beautiful curls of the beauty of all times fought in various ways. The simplest of them – hair curlers which represented the twisted paper pieces. Reeled up locks of hair which fixed then by elastic bands on them. As a rule, such "laying" was carried out for the night as hair have to be in such "situation" several hours to set effect. And morning of lock untwisted and styled wavy hair in hairstyle.
  2. At the disposal of modern fashionistas now set of the means helping to make hair curly. Among them there are various hair curlers: metal, rubber, plastic, thermohair curlers, hair curlers velcros, hair curlers boomerangs, foam hair curlers. All of them are necessary for creation of beautiful curls. To what of them to give preference, the woman solves. The choice in many respects depends on length of hair, their state and on what you are going to make curls: large or small.
  3. Often quickly to make curls, women use thermohair curlers. or electrohair curlers, electronippers. They are easy to use, but frequent use of such means because of thermal impact on hair is not recommended. "Hot" wave, experts advise to do no more once a week. Hair curlers (metal, plastic, rubber) have more sparing effect on hair, but their use is not really convenient as with the hair wound on them to sleep is quite problematic, uncomfortablly.
  4. Therefore more often women give preference to hair curlers boomerangs. They represent small piece of easily bending wire with soft covering from velor or foam rubber. They are not easy, convenient in application, are harmless to hair and that is important, do not bring any trouble at their use at night.
  5. Just before wave wash up the head the shampoo suitable type of your hair. Slightly dry hair. When drying it is possible to use the hair dryer. But it is the best of all to leave on hair for 10-15 minutes towel. Before twisting the hair have to be slightly damp, but not wet. Apply on them means for laying which you use, - gel, mousse, skin. Wind hair on hair curlers so that the lock could not slide off them.
  6. For this purpose take hairbrush one-row and separate it the lower part of hair. For convenience pin up upper part of hair hairpin or "crab". Separate small locks of hair and wind them on hair curlers. Locks should not be too thick, in this case hair will long dry, and curls can be weak, and curlies will quickly break up. When turning hair you watch that curls did not slide off hair curlers.
  7. Having reached roots, overwind tips of hair curlers among themselves and leave for some time. The minimum period of expectation of wave is 3 hours for long and 1.5 hours - for averages on length of hair. But it is the best of all to leave boomerangs on hair on all night long. By the way, it is not recommended to dry phenom the hair wound on hair curlers. Let hair will dry in the natural way. It does not injure them. And hot drying, especially frequent, can dry up hair and make them fragile and lifeless.
  8. Removal of hair curlers – the final stage of creation of hairstyle. Do not untwist lock, and accurately pull out from curl of hair curlers. Straighten curls fingers. That curlies held form longer, removing hair curlers, slightly sprinkle curls hairspray.
  9. After removal of hair curlers comb hair fingers, create hairstyle, record locks varnish.
  10. At professional hairdressers electroboomerangs are considered as bright novelty. These are the flexible hot sticks pencils applied to hairdressing in beautiful curls-spiralki. They have the light indicator thanks to which the moment of heating of hair up to the optimum temperature of laying is defined. Before use properly dry hair and apply on them mousse for laying. Divide hair into locks and serially wind them on heated hair curlers from below up. Clasp the ends of boomerangs that locks did not break up then sprinkle hair spray for creation of curls.
  11. In a few minutes, after full cooling of hair curlers, accurately untwist curls and comb them fingers. On the end of procedure apply varnish on hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team