How to wind hair on spiral hair curlers

How to wind hair on spiral hair curlers

To receive the tremendous hairstyle consisting of the beautiful streaming curls or the falling waves it is not obligatory to register to the hairdresser at all. If you have necessary means for laying, spiral hair curlers, it is possible to twist your hair and houses.


  1. Wash up hair and wait until they a little dry up. For acceleration of process you can dry their phenom, but not up to the end.
  2. If you want to receive steady curls, moisten them before turning on hair curlers fixer – balm, mousse or gel. It is better to process fine hair which usually badly holds wave mousse of strong fixing. Evenly to distribute mousse, raise upper layer of hair and you apply structure on lower, beginning from roots and to tips.
  3. Spiral hair curlers can be the different sizes – select them depending on what curls – pieces of chalk or averages – you want to receive. It is possible to take hair curlers, different in the size, then curls will turn out more natural. Hair on hair curlers should be wound, since reinforced part of spiral, at the end fixing clip.
  4. Carefully comb hair that they were not twisted and did not sputyvatsya. Begin to wind hair on hair curlers from top to down, from the middle of occipital part of the head. Then you pass to side locks.
  5. Separate lock about 1 centimeter thick, pull it, having made flat. Begin to wind hair on hair curlers from root to tips, trying to cover half of the previous winding at each turn of lock. Fix the end of lock by clip (bracket or elastic band). Try to do it as it is possible more accurately that on tips of hair there is no zalom left.
  6. In the same way wind also all other locks; if they have managed to dry up, sprinkle them water from spray.
  7. The wave on spiral hair curlers assumes natural drying of hair, but if you cannot wait, try to dry up accurately their phenom with nozzle bell. It is better if you use the mode of hot air.
  8. When hair completely dry, begin to remove hair curlers. Do it carefully, removing each fastening and unscrewing spiral of hair curlers from curl. As a result at you easy and soft curls with the curls which are evenly distributed on length of hair have to turn out.
  9. Right after removal of hair curlers do not comb hair: stir up them and distribute locks hands. Lay and fix by gel if you want your hairstyle to have gained effect of wet hair.
  10. Comb each lock wooden crest (it is preferable) with rare teeths.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team