How to wind hair on the curling iron

How to wind hair on the curling iron

Turning of hair on the curling iron is fast and convenient way of creation of beautiful curls. There are curling irons with metal and ceramic covering. Impact of ceramics on hair is considered more careful.

It is possible to create curls by means of the curling iron much quicker, than by means of hair curlers, electronippers influence hair by means of high temperature. After twisting the hair can hold the taken form long enough. Especially if to use qualitative laying means.

Before turning of hair on the curling iron wash up them and dry up. It is necessary to twist only dry curls to minimize harmful effects of high temperatures. Divide head hair into zones. Pin up each of them hair claw not to mix them. During wave of one of zones divide hair into locks. After that take one lock and process it the thermoprotectant. At this stage laying means to put early. Begin hairdressing always with occipital zone. You pass from the lower locks to upper.

Thermoprotective equipment prevent damage of structure of hair under the influence of high temperatures. On packing surely there has to be marking for hot laying.

The appearance of future hairstyle depends on how you will twist lock. Arrange the curling iron at hair vertically. Take the prepared lock for tip and delay it perpendicular to roots. Press the handle of clip of the curling iron and wind lock on the device turbinal: from tips to roots. At the same time the lock should not be reeled up on the curling iron close to roots not to burn the head. It is desirable to recede, at least, on 2 cm from roots down. To record lock, release the clip handle.

It is desirable to twist locks diversely: one suit, another - from the face. So, the hairstyle will turn out more magnificent, volume and natural.

In 20 seconds carefully untwist lock. Wind in this way locks on all head. It is not necessary to overdo hair at wave as they can be burned. Besides, the perezhiganiye of hair can cause their loss. After turning of the last lock try not to touch hair of, at least, 10 minutes. During this time locks will finally cool down and will strongly be recorded. If you are afraid that during drying the curls will develop, accurately pin up them invisible beings. In 10-15 minutes remove invisible beings. Use hairbrush for creation of hairstyle or just lay curls hands. Well comb the turned-out curls if you want to receive easy and air waves. In order that curls kept the form, sprinkle them hairspray or apply gel. Try not to spray too much varnish, otherwise hair will become hard and heavy. Thickness of curls depends on thickness of the curling iron. The working surface of the device is thinner, the more small there will be curls. If the curl has turned out, on the contrary, too thick, divide it from roots into two parts and process hairspray. Do not do laying by means of the curling iron too often, even when using thermoprotective equipment it is harmful to hair. After completion of work with hair do not forget to switch-off the curling iron. Do not do hair near water. The curling iron can accidentally drop out of hands, get to water and strike with current.

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