How to wind hair on the curling iron

How to wind hair on the curling iron

Magnificent curls, slightly tightened up ends of hair or small cheerful curls - for the shortest time the woman, without the assistance of the hairdresser can make any of this laying to herself, having near at hand the ordinary curling iron. Nippers for hair today - the major tool in arsenal of care products for hair. Modern models offer the mass of possible options of laying, thanks to various nozzles for creation of relief or even hair straightening. But despite simplicity and convenience, not all can style hair the curling iron with the best result. For creation of really magnificent hairstyle it is necessary to know some features of their application.

It is required to you

  • Curling iron
  • The thermoprotectant for hair dressing
  • Hairbrush


  1. Apply styling spray on clean and surely dry hair, evenly distributing from roots to tips. Warm up the curling iron up to the necessary temperature. Insufficiently warmed nippers not to allow you to create accurate, accurate curls.
  2. By means of hairbrush, divide hair into thin locks, for the best wave. Recede a little from roots of hair not to burn skin. Wind separate lock on the curling iron from below up since tips. Accurately remove hot curl from the curling iron, without allowing it to be untwisted. If there is opportunity, enshrine it in such provision before full cooling.
  3. Dismiss hands curls if you want to leave relief, or comb for magnificent laying. The received hairstyle can be fixed by varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team