How to wind hair phenom

How to wind hair phenom

The hair dryer considerably simplifies life to the modern woman. Not only that it helps to dry up quickly wet hair, so also with its help it is possible to do beautiful hair for very short period.

It is required to you

  • - hair dryer hairbrush;
  • - round brushes of different diameter;
  • - means for laying and fixing of hairstyle.


  1. There are two types of hair dryers. The first is device which blows warm air. In order that by means of it to create hairstyle, special hairbrushes will be necessary for you. The second type represents the hair dryer with nozzle which represents round hairbrush and allows to dry at the same time hair and to do laying. This device also has the name ""hair dryer hairbrush"".
  2. The hair dryer hairbrush will be ideal option for those who have short hair or average hair. Apply on them a little skin or mousse for giving of volume to hair then wind lock of hair on hairbrush of the hair dryer and dry. If you want to make wave which will lie ""hat"", then it is necessary to wind curls clockwise. If your purpose - hairstyles with the bent tips from cheekbones, then it is necessary to wind locks counterclockwise.
  3. If you want to do hair, using the hair dryer without special nozzles, then special hairbrushes of round shape will be necessary for you. To make head of hear of as much as possible volume, it is necessary to use large hairbrushes if your purpose just to curl slightly tips - that for this purpose smaller options perfectly approach.
  4. Apply on the head skin or mousse for laying, and then wind lock on hairbrush and dry. In hairdresser's shops, hairbrushes which besides curl give additional volume are on sale. At their use it is necessary to direct current of air from the hair dryer to lock, at the same time quickly winding it on hairbrush.
  5. Concerning the direction of laying there is the same principle here, as when using hairbrush hair dryer: winding lock clockwise you receive laying ""inside"", against hour - ""outside"".
  6. In order that ready laying has held on as long as possible, it is necessary to sprinkle it hairspray.

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